Monday, November 9, 2020
Normal/Registered Postage Status

Check back here everytime you've made payment for your pending orders to be sent out.

  1. Gerwyn - MAILED! 13/11/09
  2. Ah Ting -MAILED! 13/11/09
  3. Wendy Koh - Pending to be mail out.

*Sorry for the delay if I am taking too long as I am having my exams now and thus I will be a tad too busy.

Scroll down for status of other pre-orders/sprees.


Monday, November 9, 2009
NRWZD Pre-Order #1

  1. 4th November 2009 - Consolidated Orders
  2. 5th November 2009 - Orders sent to supplier awaiting for reply.
  3. 9th November 2009 - 11 items re-stocking.
  4. 10th November 2009 - Payment made. Estimated arrival latest by Monday.
  5. 11th November 2009 - Parcel will be send out tomorrow.
  6. 12th November 2009 - Parcel sent out! Estimated arrival Monday or earlier!
  7. 16th November 2009 - Parcel had reach my place and I will sort out the orders tonight!
  8. 18th November 2009 - Sorry for this late update as I was down with high fever. Do mail me to plan a meet-up for your items!


Taiwan Sprees (non-agent & agent based) BATCH #1

  1. 9th November 2009 - Consolidated Orders
  2. 10th November 2009 - Orders sent to agent & suppliers. Waiting for reply.
  3. 10th November 2.31pm - Invoices received and sending in payment tomorrow.
  4. 11th November 2009 - Payment made. Waiting for seller reply
  5. 12th November 2009 - Payment received! Restocking in the process~
  6. 18th November 2009 - Total 9 orders out of stock and will release the out of stock items to participants when items reached to avoide confusion. The rest of the items still restocking but the amount still not known yet.
  7. All items mailed and sent except for few. Please mail me right away if you sees this!